Sample H&N SLUG HP Sub12ft .22 / 5.53 (.218) 21GR (Qty 40) S376


.22 Caliber Slugs

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Sample pack of 40 Slugs in a protective tin

H&N Slug .22 / 5.53 (.218) - 21GR

The H&N Slug HP sets new standards in terms of accuracy at distances way beyond 50 meters. An extremely favourable BC ensures a flat trajectory and excellent energy retention. To accommodate different barrel profiles and power levels we offer options in diameters and weights. Slug HP is coated with a special lubricant to reduce barrel friction.

Calibre: .22 / 5.53 mm


Additional information

Head Size

5.53 (218)

Grain (gr)


Weight (g)


Pellet Type



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