About Trustap

What is Trustap? Trustap is a digital transaction platform that completely protects you from being scammed when you’re transacting with someone you don’t know. Powered by Stripe’s secure payment technology, Trustap secures the buyer’s money in a safe hold account until all the transaction milestones are met and the complaints period elapses. The money is then instantly released to the seller.

Unique, flexible and low-cost, Trustap is compatible across all platforms. Whether you’re using a laptop, a phone or a tablet, you can use Trustap to transact with complete peace of mind. The safest way to sell your airgun.

Transacting Online

How it works

1. Buyer submits payment into Trustap

2. Seller sends product

3. Buyer receives item

4. Trustap releases funds to the seller

How To Use Trustap with iHunter

Steps as a Seller on iHunter

  • When creating a listing as a seller on iHunter, ensure you enable Trustap on your item below the ‘Price’ field.
  • Once an interested buyer sees your listing, you will be sent a link by the buyer by email, which will allow you to join the transaction.
  • Once you have registered a Trustap account at www.trustap.com, you will be brought to the ‘Join Transaction’ screen where you can confirm the details and join.
  • The transaction will then be carried out on Trustap as seen in the steps above.

Steps as a Buyer on iHunter

  • You can identify if Trustap has been enabled by the seller by the ‘Pay by Trustap’ button situated on the right hand side of the listing. By clicking this, you will be redirected to a register/sign in page for Trustap.
  • Once signed in to Trustap, you can create the transaction after ensuring that all the transaction details correspond to those on iHunter.
  • This will generate a link which you can copy and send to the seller. This can be done through the ‘Message to Seller’ option on the left of the listing on iHunter.
  • Once the seller has joined, you will receive an email and the transaction will be carried out on Trustap as seen in the steps above.

Transacting Face To Face

How it works

1. Buyer transfers refundable deposit to Trustap

2. Buyer and seller meet face to face where item can be inspected

3. Seller sets the total price and buyer submits remaining payment into Trustap

4. Item is handed over and Trustap releases funds to the seller

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