Sample ZAN Projectiles .30/7.62 High Quality Pellets 56gr (Qty 20) S375


.30 calibre pellets

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Sample of 20 ZAN .30 Pellets in a protective tin

The BR100 .30/56gr Pellet -

No more pellet sorting!

 ZAN Projectiles new high precision game changing pellet line.

Introducing new high performance BR100 pellet with unmatched weight and head/skirt consistency.

 In the first place it is designed for 100m bench rest competition, where wind drift, weight and uniformity of the pellet means winning or losing.

 It comes with unique packing, providing best possible protection of the pellets, which assure you are getting only perfect pellets on your bench. In competition, nothing should be left to coincidence.

 You can achieve that only if it is made with passion and striving to perfection.

Caliber: .30

Lenght: 10,7mm

Another great addition to the iHunter Range

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