Sample ZAN Projectiles .22 (.218 / 5.53 36gr FB High Quality Slugs S309


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Sample of 25 slugs in a protective tin

36 grain FB swaged  (slugs)

MADE WITH A PASSION - Each box comes in quality packaging with each slug separated over 2 trays.

Packed individually so they do not damage when shipping.

Large hollow point, flat base.

Made out of soft lead which ensures large opening even at very low velocities and bigger distances.

Come in box packed each individualy so they canot damage when shipping.

-Diameter: .218" or 5.53mm

-Lenght: 0.40" / 10,0mm

- BC 0.115

Zan slugs

High quality product and maintaining that with consistency is what these slugs are all about.

From the hand made and inspected quality these are considered to be the most accurate slugs on the market by far

Designed for Sniper/Comptetion you will not miss with these.

Another great addition to the iHunter Range

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