Sample Zan Projectiles .177/4.51mm 16gr Slug (Qty 50) S257


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Sample of 50 slugs in a protective tin

Zan Projectiles .177/4.5mm 16gr Slug

These new .177 slugs from ZAN Projectiles were made after many hundreds of hours of development to meet high standards in accuracy, expansion and suiting most .177 barrels on the market!

High-quality slugs with silky body, deep hollow point for huge expansion with high and even below 700fps velocities.

Base shape (flat base)  is made with a design to get the most accuracy and still not suit only one barrel type.

-weight = 16 grains / 1.04 gram

-Diameter = .177"  / 4.51mm

- Length = 0.275" /  7 mm

BC = .072


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