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~Trigger lock with Combination lock

~Helps to protect your guns from unauthorized use

~Universal fit for shotguns, rifles, and Pistols 

~Easy to install and release within seconds.

~Material: steel and zinc body for maximum durability.

~protective rubber pads to prevent scratching.

Using a trigger lock is most important when transporting your gun from your gun cabinet to your local shooting club/ground, and to keep safe at home.

These are recommended by all firearm officers.
Instructions for use:
Combination gun lock
Instruction for use:
1. To open lock, set dials to combination (combination is always pre-set to 0-0-0 by
factory). With dials set to combination, move release lever to up position. Pull apart
the two sides of the lock; MAKE SURE GUN IS UNLOADED.
4. To close the lock, move release lever back down to locked position and scramble
combination dials. Insert front lock unit with ratchet post throught trigger, behind
trigger if possible. Then insert rear unit.How to reset your personal combination :
1. Open the lock by pulling apart the two sides of the lock and completely remove
lock from the gun.
2. Push the lever into the down position.
3. With dials set to the current combination, use a pen point or similar narrow object,
press the reset button on the left side of the lock in toward the center of the lock.
4. Continue to apply pressure to the reset button, and set the dials to your
personalized combination.
5. Release the reset button, new combination is now set.

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