Sample Norica Destroyer Missile .22/5.50mm (Qty 30) S413


1.8g / 28gr

Sample Tin

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Destroyer - Sample tin of 30.

From iHunter, an official Norica Distribution Agent. Epic quality, will destroy anything.
Increase speed and velocity by 20%. 1.8g / 28gr

Why are Copper Coated Pellets 20% faster?
Global sales of air pellets are growing year after year. The increasing number of air gun shooters, changes in legislation, new technologies applied to air guns, the competitive price of the ammunition and the efforts of brands like Norica to offer new models are only some of the reasons for it.

The evolution of air rifles and air pistols, starting from low velocity to super-magnum models reaching over 70J in some configurations, require a proactive approach from product developers to meet the requirements of air gunners.

Nowadays air rifles (from multi-pump to PCP) are used for fun, target shooting, pest control, hunting, FT & HFT competition.

In line with this trend, the company continues working on its range to fulfill the needs of its loyal customers.

In addition, the activity of Norica in over 50 international markets requires the development of different pellets design to fit all uses, from pest control and hunting of animals where allowed by law.

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