RWS Hypermatch LEAD FREE .177/4.50mm (Qty 250 ) L750


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.177 Caliber Pellets

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Perfect for pest control - Lead Free

Maximum impact and penetration

RWS Hypermatch .177 Pellets x 250. The new RWS Hypermatch is the first air rifle pellet in the RWS Premium Line to be made of tin, which also makes it the lightest. It retains the classic match diabolo shape and is intended for shooters who desire or are required for training or competition to use a lead-free pellet. Its accuracy impresses with tight 7mm groups, a convincing result for pellets in this weight class.

Weight: 5.1 gr


  • Outstanding accuracy for a lightweight tin pellet
  • Shot groups of 7 mm are entirely possible
  • The high-tech tin alloy is absolutely lead-free, environmentally safe and easy on the barrel
  • Good penetration: Pellet hardness allows for stable geometric shape retention

Suitable for:

  • Competition in and training for the 10 m disciplines
  • Field target shooting
  • Because of its increased hardness – it is suitable for pest control and silhouette shooting as well.
  • Air rifles and field target rifles

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Grain (gr)


Pellet Type

Flathead / Wadcutter, Specialist Pellets

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