Pistol Perfect Domed Sample Pellet .177 Pack S141


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6 great choices all come in individual protective tins with screw top lids

Pistol Perfect Sample Pellet Pack


Picked for the perfect weight/power ratio for the most accurate and fastest Pistol shooting, ideal for Rotary magazine / CO2 / Spring Pistols


Rapid Action

Specially developed for Action Shooting, where air weapons operate with CO2 gas or compressed air, as well as magazines for more pellets, rotary clips, etc. The pellet dimensions are carefully adapted to the magazine’s inside diameters,
therefore the pellets don’t fall out from magazine. Due to this characteristic,

Rapid Action pellets are the perfect solution for hobby
shooters and action shooters. Caliber 4.5 (.177), flat head



Delta Kvintor Match/Competion pellets for Pistols


Pinpoint Accuracy , 0.30g – Will compete with all Match pellets on the market

Designed for accuracy

177  Pellets available in standard tin, discount for multi buys. Famous specialised Premium Premium Quality Pellets imported for UK use.



Pistol Pro


0.56g, 8.64gr  ,177/4.50mm Qty 200

Pistol Pro, perfect for CO2 and Spring / Pneumatic Pistols
length of the pellets provides the best ballistic properties and shot
group designed specifically for Pistols

Maximum initial velocity. Designed with wadcutter rim. Medium-weight pellets


Wasp by Bisley


Wasp Pellets are back! Great quality, excellent value for money. the go-to everyday shooting pellet.

Very Consistent,

Weight: 8.18gr



RWS Superfield


The Super Field Domed Pellets, well suited for all decent guns, The Heavyweight round nosed pellet is of the normal RWS quality giving high accuracy and performance .


Weight: 8.4 Grains


iHunter Exact Domed Medium Weight



Reviews suggest these are at least as good as JSB

We are pleased to present the diabolo domed pellet, available in our offer, with a dome-shaped head, well suited for FT and HFT shooting purposes, and therefore medium and long distances. This type of solution ensures accuracy confirmed by high repeatability of shots. It is available in several weight variants and in several sizes – we encourage you to learn more about the offer. Domed pellets guarantee high accuracy and focus in the target and maintain a constant speed over a large distance – even at higher winds. For this reason, it is used primarily by sport shooters, but it is also great for hobbyists and people who train accurate shooting at long distances.



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