Sample Olympia Shot Domed XS .22/5.5mm Airgun Pellets Lead (50ct) S103


1.03gg / 15.89gr

Sample Tin

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Sample tin of Olympia Shot Domed XS .22 Pellets - 50 pellets in a protective tin.

Domed XS 15.89gr

We are pleased to present the diabolo domed pellet, available in our offer, with a dome-shaped head, well suited for FT and HFT shooting purposes, and therefore medium and long distances. This type of solution ensures accuracy confirmed by high repeatability of shots. It is available in several weight variants and in several sizes - we encourage you to learn more about the offer. Domed pellets guarantee high accuracy and focus in the target and maintain a constant speed over a large distance - even at higher winds. For this reason, it is used primarily by sport shooters, but it is also great for hobbyists and people who train accurate shooting at long distances.

iHunter are delighted to be the UK exclusive distributor for Olympia Shot.

The Czech Republic in central Europe has been a hotbed of airgun developments in recent years. Think of JSB, KalibrGun, Airgun Technology, Altaros and more…

Now you can add Poland into the mix with these pellets. Olympia Shot is located in the town of Ustroń. It’s in the very south of Poland, very close to the Czech border!

Olympia Shot is the recent development from a long-established, family-owned manufacturing company. Their new pellet brand was established as recently as 2018.

The company use the highest quality machines and components to ensure the best product quality. They use perfectly selected dies, lead wire of ideal composition and technical parameters

All of this results in the highest quality pellets to compete equally with the best in the world.

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