Olympia Shot – Pointed Heavy .177 / 4.5mm Airgun Pellets (Qty 500) L603


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POINTED Heavy 9.41gr

The POINTED pellet is designed to shoot at objects and Hunting , due to its increased penetration. This feature is affected by the sharp tip, which, above all, has penetrating properties. Thanks to the completely streamlined form, it works perfectly over a long distance, despite which it can beat the target. The perfect precision of manufacture and the highest quality components ensure high accuracy of the shot, flight and target.

Our offer includes professional Polish production pointed pellet with exceptional penetration properties. Excellent workmanship ensures that its characteristics are maintained - in our offer it is available in one weight and in one size. Like any other product from our production, it undergoes a very restrictive selection process, thanks to which it becomes a perfect product in every inch. Pointed is a pellet used in sport shooting and hunting with special requirements: the shot should be precise and fast. The pointed ending increases the flight speed as well as the penetration of the selected target. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials, pointed pellet works well both during exercises and professional shooting competitions. It allows you to train a good eye and achieve satisfactory results.

The company use the highest quality machines and components to ensure the best product quality. They use perfectly selected dies, lead wire of ideal composition and technical parameters

All of this results in the highest quality pellets to compete equally with the best in the world.


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