Sample JTS Dead Center .22 / 5.50mm 16.08gr (Qty 40) S387


.22 calibre pellets

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Sample of 40 pellets in a protective tin


JTS Dead Center .22 / 5.50mm 16.08gr

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Dead Center pellets are more consistent and group better than the current market leaders.



“JTS Airguns officially introduced Dead Center Pellets to the world on January 4, 2023.  Having spent more than two years reviewing the current market offerings,  they determined that there was a need to produce a competitively priced product that has performance characteristics better than the industry’s best.   


They commissioned a multinational group of engineers with disciplines in mechanical, industrial, aerospace and design to set this project in motion.  This team quickly determined that air gun pellet manufacturing had essentially been unchanged for years.  Current pellet processing is inconsistent and requires sorting of all production products to ensure that consumers receive acceptable products.  This inspection process is both expensive and time consuming.


Our team took the next step in the evolution of pellet manufacturing and designed proprietary equipment that would stabilise the manufacturing process and ensure its consistency, thus reducing the need for sorting.  Once the manufacturing equipment was completed the team moved on to the next step in this evolution.  Pellet production consistency is also largely affected by the tooling required to make each pellet.  Current pellet tooling is dirty thus leaving the finished product in that state.  The JTS tooling was designed with three key things in mind.  These keys were Standardisation of Tooling, SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Dies) and No Adjust Tooling.  These three concepts are what sets Dead Center Pellets apart from our competitors.


Our next step was to design pellets that were accurate across as many platforms as possible.  As we are all aware there are many styles of air guns from break barrels to high end competition PCP’s.  JTS designed the pellets utilising the latest in aerospace designs to ensure that the finished pellets would be super-accurate and consistent.  The designs went through extensive testing across a wide range of Airgun platforms and environmental conditions.  The end results speak for themselves: -

Dead Center pellets are more consistent and group better than the current market leaders.

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