Sample JSB Exact Jumbo .22/5.52mm Pellets (Qty 50) S322


1.03g / 15.89gr

Sample Tin

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Sample of 50 pellets in a protective tin.

JSB Exact
The company’s best seller. It is absolutely the most popular ammunition at present. The weight has been designed so that it agrees with most of the FT air rifles on the market. It is a very functional profile common for the whole Exact series. It owes its stable flying properties especially to the higher weight and the ideal gravity centre placement. The perfect alignment once again guarantees a perfect grouping!

Due to their weights, specially designed shape, perfect distribution of the centre of gravity and alignment the JSB EXACT JUMBO products are the best choice for longer-distance shooting. Exact products, just like all the other products, undergo thorough hand-picked quality control. We guarantee the quality of the products, the rest of the successful shooting is entirely up to you ... Ammunition tested by 45 meters shooting. The required result after five shots is a group where centre to centre of the shots is up to 16mm.


1.030g / 15.89gr

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