FX .25 **SAMPLE** Air Rifle Pellets S326


Hybrid slugs

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Sample of 25 pellets in a protective tin

Airguns are rapidly evolving. What a modern PCP airgun can do these days is simply staggering. These last few years, the techonology, efficiency, and abilities have exponentially increased. The modern shooter needs innovative ammo that can shoot longer and still retain high precision accuracy.

The standard diabolo pellet shape helps maximize accuracy with airgun barrels with its low bearing surface and ability to shape itself to the barrel. Its limitations in drag and quick loss of energy, simply cannot maximize the potential of the modern PCP airgun.

Many have turned to standard swaged slugs with their much better ballistic coefficients (BC), but they have their problems as well: The surface area and weight of the standard slug demands extreme amounts of pressure. Their accuracy is also more temperamental and demand an unforgiving perfect fit with the airgun barrel.


With the FX Pellet you get a flatter trajectory with less wind drift, more retained energy,; all with massive expansion for hunting. This unique patented design is unleashing the possibilities of both the distance and the accuracy you can achieve with an airgun.


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