FX .22/5.5mm Hybrid Slug (Qty 100) L163


Slug FX ,22 Calibre Hybrid slugs

When tested pellets vs slugs the FX Hybrid slug out performed every ammunition on the test. Designed with hollow core these slugs expand more on impact than any other ammunition for airguns. The FX slug expands by 47% on impact  transferring all the energy into the desired target. The FX Hybrid Slug outperformed all the other slugs tested.

These are designed to work primarily in High Power Airguns, ( FAC in the UK )

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1.42g / 22gr

A slug is more accurate over longer distances and also have energy when impacting the target. The slugs are more ballistically coefficient giving greater range and grouping of the shots.

With the FX Hybrid you get a flatter trajectory with less wind drift, more retained energy, and much more accuracy at longer distances than any pellet

It's Recommened to use an FX Airguns Slug liner or X barrel system, however they do shoot well out of other barrel makes, that is what makes them Hybrid.

These Hybrid Slugs are designed with all PCP airguns in mind, but are specifically tailored to the FX Smooth Twist X (STX) Liner.

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