FIREBIRD 50 **Single Disc** Biodegradable Reactive Targets S316


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A single Firebird disc as a sample.

  • Flash Bang!!
  • New Firebird Bio targets are the World's first completely biodegradable detonating targets!
  • Firebird Bio targets are designed for us at short (over 50 feet), medium and long ranges with rifles, shotguns, archery and air rifles
  • One target suits all! They can even be fixed into moving targets such as clay pigeons and clay rabbits without affecting their performance in the trap.
Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, Firebird Bio targets will impress you with their sound, smoke and flash giving you instant hit recognition. Just peel, stick and shoot!
Firebird Bio targets are used around the world to train private individuals and tactical personnel alike. In retail packs of 10 targets to a box.
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