Crosman Hollow point Premier Superior Accuracy Pellet .22/5.50mm (Qty 500) L126


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.22 Caliber Pellets

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Crosman Hollow point Premier Superior Accuracy Pellet (500 Ct) .22/5.50mm

Maximum accuracy. Cleaner handling. Improved rifling engagement, resulting in better accuracy.

Hollow pointed pellets have a special head that allows additional expansion over traditional pointed or hollow point pellets. Increased expansion is a benefit for hunters since it delivers a wider wound channel, resulting in a more profound hit.

Premier pellets are made using the highest grade precision tooling to ensure each pellet is nearly indistinguishable from each other

Huge Penetration and Expansion


Qty 500

Weight 14.3gr


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Grain (gr)


Weight (g)


Head Size


Pellet Type

Hollow Point

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