Benjamin Competition / Match Grade Pellets .177/4.50mm L1053


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Competition / Match Pellets

Specially made for highly skilled hunters and target shooters who demand the best of the best, Benjamin Match Grade Airgun Pellets deliver unparalleled accuracy and consistency. These .177 domed pellets are crafted from a single, high-quality lead wire source. This keeps the material exceptionally consistent so you know exactly what to expect every time you dial in your shot. Additionally, each pellet is shaped using the same die to prevent discrepancies in head size, weight, and shape tin after tin. Our pellets are designed to complement the power and precision of Benjamin air guns, but any .177-caliber air gun will benefit from using high-performance ammo. Hit bullseyes shot after shot.


  • Match grade .177 cal pellets for dependable accuracy
  • Superior to standard-grade pellets
  • Improved process reduces chances of damage during packing
  • Longer tumbling times minimizes flash
  • Made from single-source wire and the same die for improved consistency
  • Aerodynamic domed (roundhead) design
  • 10.5 grain
  • Compatible with .177 caliber air guns
  • Made in the USA from high-quality lead

Get Focused

Experienced shooters know that every single detail affects performance, and that includes air rifle ammo. Better ammo means higher precision. From our distinctive air rifles and pistols to our premium air gun parts and accessories, Benjamin Airguns products come from a place of pride in our heritage and our craft. Depend on these match-grade pellets to fully meet our rigid quality and performance standards. We put the power in your hands. It’s up to you to get inspired and forge your own legacy. You can never have too many .177 cal pellets on hand, so stock up on the industry’s best. Once you experience the Benjamin difference, you’ll see why in-the-know air gunners choose our .177 domed pellets. Adventure awaits. Make sure you’re ready for it.

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