.22 Dummy Launcher Blanks (Qty 100) L1027


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High powered blanks only for use with the dummy launcher. Boxes of 100 blanks.

These .22 calibre launcher blanks are designed to be used in a dummy launcher. 100 per box. Available in 3 power levels:

Green: Lowest level charge - will send a dummy up to 100ft

Yellow: medium level charge - will send a dummy 120 - 175ft

Red: high level charge - will send a dummy 200 - 250ft

* The manufacturers of these blanks strongly recommend the regular cleaning of both launchers and launcher dummies to prevent the potentially dangerous build-up of gunpowder residue from used blanks, and to increase the longevity of these products.

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Colour and Level

Green – Light, Yellow – Medium, Red – Strong

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